An Integrated Toolbox for Image Registration, Fusion and Classification

  • Markus Neteler ITC-irst
  • Daniel Grasso University of Trento
  • Ivan Michelazzi University of Trento
  • Luca Miori University of Trento
  • Stefano Merler ITC-irst
  • Cesare Furlanello University of Trento


In this paper we present a suite of new image processing tools for the GRASS Geographic Information System. New modules are suggested to support improved and semi-automated geocoding of vertical imagery. The ortho-rectification procedures have been extended to rectify oblique imagery from digital hand-held cameras for rendering purposes. Multi- and hyperspectral image analysis has been implemented to derive landuse/landcover maps at subpixel resolution. Image fusion with the Brovey transform is shown. We finally show high performance SMAP image classification on an openMosix cluster.