Applying Dynamic Segmentation and Linear Referencing Systems over the Web

  • Papatheodorou K. Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying, Technological Education Institute of Serres Terma Magnisias, 62124 Serres, Greece
  • Evangelidis K. Head of Transportation and IT Systems Division, TRIAS S.A. Consulting, 39 G. Seferi Str. 54250 Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Symeonidis P. DRAXIS Environmental Technology, 63 Mitropoleos Str., 54623 Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Kaskalis T. Department of Technology Management, University of Macedonia, Loggou-Tourpali, 59200 Naousa, Greece


Linear Referencing Systems and Dynamic Segmentation have been very well documented and developed in numerous desktop GIS-based applications. However, there is still enough room for research and development inside this ever evolving technology area, considering the progress occurring in the field of spatial database and internet mapping services. In this respect, this paper aims to present MANSION (MANaging Spatial InformatiON) a prototype system that exploits dynamic segmentation capabilities, through web map services and spatial databases. For demonstration purposes, custom applications have been developed, for data entry and information retrieval of point or linear data events related to transportation networks. Prior to developing the above services, other critical parameters have to be conFigured the most important ones being a) the Reference Network, b) the Topological Framework and c) the Linear Referencing Method. In the future, MANSION will be further extended to handle more detailed spatial information applicable to a wide range of real world situations occurring in numerous Geoinformatic Network applications in Geology, Hydrology and Telecommunications etc.