Maximum Flood Prone Area Mapping using RADARSAT Images and GIS: Kelantan River Basin

  • pradhan, B., Shafiee, M., and Pirasteh, B


This paper summarizes the findings of the maximum flood prone area mapping at Kelantan river basin, Malaysia, using multiple logistic regression model with the aid of GIS tools and remote sensing data. To map the maximum flood prone areas, at first the flood extent areas were extracted from RADARSAT 1 images and supported with ground data, existing reports and field notes. To evaluate the factors associated with flood prone areas, a spatial database was constructed from a topographical map, geological map, hydrological map, Global Positioning System (GPS) data, land cover map, SPOT 5 satellite image, digital elevation model (DEM), and precipitation data. Nine major parameters were extracted for the logistic regression analysis to determine each factor’s rating, and the ratings were computed for flood prone area mapping analysis. Results indicate that flood prone area mapping which can be termed as susceptibility map can be performed at 1:25,000 which is comparable to some conventional medium scaled flood hazard map. The flood prone areas delineated on these map correspond to areas that would be inundated by significant flooding (approximately the 100 year flood). Qualitatively, the model seems to give reasonable results with accuracy observed was 84%.