GPS Survey Accuracy using Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Outside the Malaysian Real-Time Kinematic Network (MyRTKnet) Services

  • Shafrii, H. Z. M., and Sulaiman, S. A. H M


Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning approach needs a reference station to transmit observation correction to the rover receiver via data communication link such as radio modem or cellular phone. By using single reference station, distance between reference station and rover station is limited to 10km.Virtual Reference Station (VRS) is a solution to overcome this limitation of RTK positioning. By using VRS, the distance between reference station and rover station can be extended to 40km. The Malaysian Real-Time Kinematic Network (MyRTKnet) has been developed to facilitate RTK positioning in Malaysia. This study was conducted to test the practical accuracy of the VRS RTK positioning and VRS Static positioning with rover points outside the reference network. In this study, four points outside the MyRTKnet network were observed in VRS RTK and VRS Static modes. Distances between rover station and the nearest physical reference station are 1km, 10km, 20km and 30km. The preliminary results show that the VRS generated using MyRTKnet is suitable for centimeter level accuracy requirement even if the positions of the rover stations are outside the MyRTKnet.