Integrated Triangular Irregular Network (ITIN) Model for Flood Plain Analysis

  • Sinnakaudan, S.K., K


Flood inundation extent is highly dependent on topography. Therefore, shallow flood plain gradients means that small errors in modelled water surface elevations may lead to large errors in the predicted inundation extend. The foundation for detailed modelling requires an accurate GIS based Multi-resolution terrain model which only can be achieved through the usage of state-of-the art technologies. However, the present research presented here in introduces an integrated procedure for creating a high resolution integrated multi-resolution triangular irregular network model (ITIN) by utilising existing GIS tools. The constructed ITIN model was later used for extracting geometric data to feed the hydraulic modelling requirements, which were used in the flood risk analysis. The proposed method here can be very useful for hydrologic and hydraulic modellers and researchers with a limited access to high end GIS technologies.