Geomatics Based Appraisal on the Seismic Status of Southern India

  • Ramasamy, SM.,1 Kumanan, C. J.,2 Sarava .


The paper deals with the Geomatics based appraisal on the seismic scenario of South India. The tectonic linear features interpreted from satellite based remote sensing data were correlated with historical seismicity data using ArcGIS. The study reveals that N200 – 400W oriented lineaments and NE – SW to ENE – WSW lineaments are seismogenic and the later seems to be more risk prone. The frequency of moderate seismicities (4 to 5M) seems to have increased abruptly since 1971, which may be due to the up-gradation of seismic monitoring network, or due to their recurrence related to present day active tectonics in Southern India.