Preparedness Against Landslide Disasters with Mapping of Landslide Potential by GIS- SMCE (Yazd-Iran)

  • Jamali, A. A.,1 and Abdolkhani, A.,2 .


Various controlling factors such as geology, slope angle, slope aspect, landuse, stream proximity etc are generally considered. Spatial multi-criteria evaluation (SMCE) tool in GIS software were used which takes into account such a complex relationship among parameters. The study is based on a terrain mapping units map, generated at 1:25,000 scale by interpretation of thematic maps, satellite images and field data. Five area factors, three linear factors and six constraint factors were entered to model. In this research, a criteria tree model for landslide susceptibility is proposed, priority weights and fuzzy standardization for each parameter controlling the landslide were determined, and a composite index map that was classified to four class as a hazard map was prepared of an area in a fragile mountainous terrain in the centre part of Iran. Watershed area was 5685 ha that 69.5% from that had no risk, 8.3% of area had moderate risk and 1.9% of area had high risk. The presented susceptibility maps was intended to help in the design of hazard and fear mitigation and land development policies at watershed scales.