A Simple Computer Program for the Analysis of Beach Morphology and Morphodynamics

  • Chandrasekar, N.,1 Sheik Mujabar, P.,1 a .


each-profile surveying is a relatively long-established and widely utilised shoreline monitoring technique. Several computer programs are available to visualize the beach profile data. But in all programs, the raw field data can’t be used to calculate the beach morphology, sediment volume, beach erosion and accretion. In this manuscript, we describe the development of a simple program ‘THE BEACH’ developed by using Visual Basic 6.0, that can store and analyze the profile data obtained from Emery pole or surveyor’s level surveys. This program calculates the elevation of different points along the profile transect and the data can be stored in a Microsoft access database file which is linked with the program It estimates the beach morphological parameters such as beach width, slope and sediment volume above any user specified datum. It also calculates the beach sediment erosion and accretion made in a beach by comparing another beach profile data which is already stored in the database. This program is very useful to geologists, coastal mangers and environmentalists for coastal zone management and environmental impact assessment studies.