Study of Surface Temperature Anomalies over the Oil Fields in the Cambay Basin, India using Aster Nighttime Data

  • Majumdar, T. J.,


Surface temperature estimation has been attempted with ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflectance radiometer) nighttime data over a part of the Cambay basin, India using TES (Temperature and Emissivity Separation) algorithm. Validation studies performed using IMD (India Meteorological Department) Bulletin data conform to the TES modeled results over Ahmedabad. A marked temperature gradient is observed from west to east in the study area. Superimposition of the thermal anomaly patterns over the oil-fields shows “low-temperature” anomaly, which might have occurred due to the formation of oil-water immiscible layer acting as a thermal barrier. Sharp changes are occurring near the oil fields in Ahmedabad and its surrounding regions e.g. Bakrol, Ahmedabad, Nawagaam etc. though the local land use and land cover at places might have masked the surface temperature caused by subsurface heat flow. Signature studies using high resolution nighttime thermal IR data over the oil fields in the Cambay basin are unique in nature.