Ontology of Volcano System and Volcanic Hazards Assessment

  • Fauziati S


Volcanic hazards is source dangers that caused by volcanic phenomena. Assessment of volcanic hazards require integrated access to the many sources of geoscientific data, consisting of current information phenomena and the knowledge or experience gained from similar situations in the past. Understanding of volcanic systems which involves its structure, geochemistry, dynamics, environment, and the process of volcano formation is vital to reveal information about how the volcano works and to forecast its behaviour in the future. Ontology engineering can be deployed as technology to capture and represent this domain knowledge. This paper presents volcano system and volcanic hazards assessment ontology as conceptual modelling and knowledge base for volcanic hazards management. Volcano system and volcanic hazards assessment ontology will provide a precise representation and semantic information of volcanic system and volcanic hazards domain knowledge. The ontology helps to understand the holistic and comprehensive of volcano hazard management data.