A New Algorithm to Measure the Details on Objects’ Surfaces using Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry

  • Elsonbaty Ahmad


The creation of a computer model of an object depends mainly on determining the spatial coordinates of a set of points on its surfaces that describes surfaces of the object. Once a 3D computer model is created, it can be imported into a3D visualization software, e.g., AutoCAD, 3D Studio, to show the model from different views with its real shape and details of its surfaces. Assigning a camera within the 3D visualization software enables several photos to be taken for the computer model. Measurements can then be taken mainly for the points that have been used to create the model, but the details of the created computer model’s surfaces cannot be measured unless there is an additional condition. The main aim of this research is to derive a new method to measure the details of the object’s surfaces. This can be done by measuring the spatial coordinates of the points describing these details on the visible part of the object’s surfaces from an image that has been taken for the computer model by an assigned camera. Since the curved surfaces are extensively used in architecture (such as cylinders, cones, and hyperboloids), this research considers object surfaces that appear in the photo as quadratic. The information of the set of points that used to create the computer model along with the assigned camera parameters will be used as a source data for measuring the details laying on the object’s surfaces. The results of the new algorithm will be obtaining any information, e.g. spatial coordinates, distances, volumes, for the details of the computer model\'s surfaces.