Development of a Cheap Mobile-Object Tracking System using GPS/GPRS System

  • Laosuwan T.


This article proposes a Cheap Mobile-Object Tracking System (CMOTS) which can be easily operated through GPS/GPRS systems. This system allows users to view current and former recorded positions of a target object via online Google Map service. Briefly, the positional data of the object was first read from GPS system (located in tracking device attached to the mobile object) using special designed software and sent to a web server via commercial GPRS service (GSM network) under POST method of HTTP protocol. The data is then processed, displayed, and stored in a database by using an application (developed from PHP, Java Script, Ajax, and MySQL) embedded with Google Map feature. This CMOTS is relatively cheaper than any existing live tracking systems due to its data transferring facilitates via GPRS service instead of formerly expensive communication channel, SMS. The CMOTS is very useful for polices or corresponding people in engaging with stolen cars (it can set to alarm, alert, act by starting an engine, or restrict some thief’s actions), in following up one’s driving, and even tracking for persons or animals.