Using Close Range Photogrammetric Techniques as a 3D Source for Egyptian Monument Information System

  • Mostafa Ebrahim


In Egypt, sites, monuments, and archaeological traces bear witness to a long history that goes back to the far recesses of prehistory and the dawn of civilization. Egypt is rich of monuments which make it one of the most famous countries all over the world. As everybody knows that one fifth of the world\'s monument located in Egypt. These monuments need to be documented in a way that makes it available for everybody all over the world to visualize them in real 3D and have all the information about them. This will be possible if we could put them in a system able to give the users all the possible information in text, 2D and 3D forms. Digital close range photogrammetry is the best tool to provide 3D models of the monuments in a real shape for an information system as it has a wide use in the archaeological field. Digital Projector technique is presented as a proposed technique to be used for documenting the Egyptian monuments in 3D computer model form with their real shape. This paper will illustrate the ideal digital close range photogrammetric method to be used as 3D source for an Egyptian monument information system.