Spatial Decision Support System for Provincial Development by the use of the Principles of Self-Sufficiency Economy

  • Boondao R.


This paper presents the implementation of a spatial decision support system for local government decision-making in provinces in Lower North-East Thailand. The concept to develop the spatial decision support system was based on the principles of the Self-sufficiency Economy. Four provinces were selected for the study – Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothorn, Sisaket, and Amnat Charoen. The study involved evaluation of information needed, development of the spatial decision support system, and evaluation of strategic planning for the areas. The system was implemented using UMN MapServer and PHP programming. The usability of the system was evaluated by the local governors and community developers. The results of the testing showed that the users’ satisfaction with the system was at a good level. It is anticipated that local governments’ use of the system will allow formulation of strategic plans to develop the provinces in relation to identified issues and prioritize areas for preparation of development, resources allocation and public service planning according to the principles of Self-sufficiency Economy.