Development of Robotic Aerial Remote Sensing System for Field Educational Purpose

  • Laosuwan T.
  • Chunpang P.
  • Sukkasena S.


Fieldwork data not only plays a crucial role in satellite data standardization, but also signifies in the data expanding. For remote sensing applications in a specific area, the satellite data is sometimes restricted by data recurrence, high data-collecting cost, weather impediment and improper resolution obtaining. In these cases, radio-controlled Robotic Aerial Remote Sensing System exhibits much potential in solving the problems. Furthermore, education throughout aerial observation seems to be one of useful remote sensing applications. In addition to the educational purpose, it can also use in real-time forest monitoring, disaster monitoring, environmental monitoring, military operation, cartography, and getting in-situ ground information to calibrate or compensate the satellite data. This is possible by incorporating the system into the radio-controlled aircraft with flight control, navigation, camera pointing control as well as command and telemetry subsystems.

Author Biography

Laosuwan T.
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Mahasarakham University, Kamriang Sub-District, Kantarawichai District, Mahasarakham 44150, Thailand