Web-based Surface Fitting System for Geological Field Data using Free and Open Source Software

  • Nonogaki, S.
  • Nemoto, T.
  • Masumoto, S.


The role of Web services has become more and more important for managing geological information. With the help of web services, one can find geological information relatively easily. However, one may want to process geological information on the web. The purpose of this study is to utilize geological information on the Web. The authors developed a Web-based surface fitting system for geological field data using Free and Open Source Software. In this system, the surface fitting is performed based on smoothing algorithm with bi-cubic B-spline function. Available geological field data are elevation data and dip data. In this paper, we describe the detail of the system and give examples of surface fitting. As a result of this study, it is possible to generate a distribution map of the data, a contour map of the calculated surface, and a Digital Elevation Model from geological filed data on the Web. In conclusion, the system promotes the utilization of geological information on the web.