An Introduction to the Academic Contribution of Zhi-Wei Yu

  • Rui, X. P.
  • Song, X. F.
  • Han, Z. H.


The academic contribution of Zhi-wei Yu mainly focus on two aspects which are complex geological surface interpolation model and Quaternary stratigraphy time scale calibration theory. First of all, Prof. Yu introduced the surface spline function in the field of Mathematical Geology and extended the original method of 2D interpolation to hypersurface spline method of 3D interpolation. Moreover, he developed a new geological surface interpolation called regionalized interpolation. Now, these methods are used as powerful geological surface interpolation tools. Besides, he proposed the automatic orbital tuning method for the Quaternary stratigraphy time scale and found the periodic characteristics of climatic evolution of the Quaternary period and major transformational events, these findings are of great significance to research in Quaternary climate change.