Web Processing Services for Shallow Landslide

  • Cannata, M.
  • Molinari, M. E.
  • Xuan Luan, T.
  • Hung Long, N.


This work evaluates the capability of Web Processing Service (WPS) to foster the shallow landslides hazard awareness. In particular this study demonstrates how the WPS can provide an ideal environment for the development of real-time applications by creating a process chain able to couple two widely used models, TRIGRS and DFWALK, respectively applied for (i) the localization and characterization of areas susceptible to shallow landslides and (ii) the assessment of these landslides run-out in case of collapse. The service has been built with the PyWPS software by integrating the models through the GIS GRASS. The application, tested for the case study of Ha Giang (Vietnam), can be generally deployed and used both as service for shallow landslide hazard forecast and as a tool for the identification of vulnerable areas for emergency planning design.