Implementing Grid Enabled Web Services for Enhanced Positioning using Low-cost GPS Devices

  • Yoshida, D.
  • Realini, E.
  • Fenoy, G.
  • Raghavan, V.


This paper presents web based grid services for enhanced GPS positioning. The adopted positioning engine is goGPS, an open source software package for enhancing the accuracy of low-cost devices. goGPS can be provided as a standardized Web Processing Service (WPS) in order to utilize high-quality location data in a variety of location-related applications. Further, the handling of a large number of users and data volumes is addressed by implementing the services on a grid computing platform for supporting large-scale service developments. Benchmarking tests have been carried out to demonstrate the scalability and interoperability of the system. This research investigates the advantages of utilizing cloud resources for positioning services in order to avoid the direct implementation of a physical grid network and to achieve scalable and fault-tolerant systems. Open source software and standards are extensively utilized in the system development. The outcomes can contribute to widening of market for location-based services (LBS) or location-related businesses by lowering accurate positioning costs and providing standardized and interoperable GPS processing services.