Development of a Prototype System of Three Dimensional Geologic Modeling for Providing Geologic Information using Web-GIS

  • Masumoto, S.
  • Nonogaki, S.
  • Nemoto, T.
  • Sakurai, K.
  • Ninsawat, S.
  • Iwamura, S.
  • Shoga, H.
  • Raghavan, V.
  • Shiono, K.


The purpose of the present study is to develop a three dimensional geologic modeling system on Web-GIS and to define the basic elements of the model for providing geologic information accurately and effectively. The prototype system has been developed to perform acquisition of geologic data, construction of models, and visualization of the modeling results on Web. The base system of the prototype is constructed by the integration of a mapping engine, Web-GIS client, GIS and relational database using typical FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics) products. The main system for the geologic modeling is composed of nine functional modules. The basic elements of the three dimensional geologic model have been defined according to the arrangement of data flow of this modeling system. Further, this system has been established by the subsurface modeling using real borehole data from the Western Osaka Plain in Japan.