Towards The Design of GIS-Based Routing System

  • Gohari, A.,
  • Ahmad, H. A.,
  • Hashim, M. G.,
  • Kheirandish, S.,
  • Kumar, L.,


Travel in urban and suburban areas is an important activity in an individual’s daily life. Each trip is preceded by a planning process for selecting an optimal route from the origin to the destination. An ’Optimal’ route can take many forms, such as shortest time or shortest distance. Route planning aids travellers in choosing the optimal path to their destinations in terms of travel distance or travel time. In this paper, a GIS-based route planning system is presented to enable shortest path and closest facility analysis, which form the most significant parts of a route planning system, for the Taman Universiti and Taman DesaSkudai, Johor, Malaysia. The analysis is made by adopting the model builder to automate all the steps of data processing and analysing, and also provides the conditions that enable users to use the system interactively.