Intensity-Hue-Saturation Based Methods using Fusing QuickBird Images

  • Afify, H.,


Several image fusion techniques are based on Intensity-Hue-Saturation (IHS) transformation. They are widely used to merge high spatial resolution Panchromatic (PAN) images with high spectral resolution multispectral (MS) images. Significant color distortions are expected when typical IHS technique is applied to merge Ikonos or QuickBird images. Some IHS-based techniques introduce weighting and tradeoff parameters to all the MS bands to spectrally adjust the intensity image. Others utilize the multiresolution wavelet decomposition algorithm to separate the spatial information of the PAN image and inject it to the intensity image. In this study the IHS-based fusion techniques are presented and applied to merge two data sets of QuickBird images covering agricultural and urban areas in Egypt. The purpose is to evaluate and compare the obtained spectral and spatial qualities of the fused images due to using different IHS-based fusion techniques. The fused images are compared visually and statistically to the original PAN and MS images. The results revealed that the IHS with wavelet addition method provided the highest spectral quality. However, the improvement of the spectral quality due to applying a certain method means the deterioration of the spatial quality and vise versa. Thus the selection of a certain IHS-based fusion technique depends mainly on the application requirements.