Strategies for Introducing Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) to Fulfill Domestic Needs

  • Kyung Won Choi SAMSUNG SDS Co., Ltd, SHI Shipyard I.S. Team, Koje-Si, Kyungnam, Korea
  • Kiyun Yu School of Civil, Urban, Geosystems Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


For the past decade, the demand for access to geospatial information in Korea has been continually increasing in response to expanding practical application domains. To meet such domestic demands, many clearinghouses have been set up and maintained at multiple sector levels varying from institutional to governmental. From within this diversity, there has arisen a need to establish a one-stop portal to access and manipulate all the geographic information provided by these various sectors. In this study, a set of implementation strategies is proposed. These have been developed from an international review of two benchmark examples, which are the United States Geospatial One-Stop and the European Geo-Portal. Additionally, three domestic clearinghouses have been examined. The proposed strategies will be useful in constructing a national system to meet user needs for a powerful and readily accessible one-stop portal.