Agricultural Recovery Action for Area Affected by 2010 Merapi Volcano Eruption, Indonesia

  • Wahyunto Kuncoro D.
  • Nugroho K.
  • Sarwani M.


Remote sensing and GIS approaches are used for inventory of agricultural land affected by 2010 Merapi volcano eruption. The work was executed to support the area arrangement and recovery efforts of farmland in areas hit by material from volcano eruption in 2010. Satellite imageries were used to explore the behavior of Merapi volcano, particularly the sprawl of material eruption, damages of agricultural land and other type of landuse. Furthermore, laboratory analysis for material eruption, i.e. volcanic ash, sandy lava flow were conducted, then be used as a basic source to support the post recovery efforts of agricultural land. Recovery effort can be split up into region of: (1) the upper slope further down to the stream river which directly hit by spinning cloud of super heated gases and molten lava and (2) sloping areas buried by volcanic ash material and mud flow. Selected crops having fast rate of growth favored its rapid regeneration after being scorched by hot gas clouds erupting from crater is a beneficial adaptation while facing volcanic disaster.